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College Of Arts
Welcome to Tainan University Of Technology
Art is an inspection of human dreams, traditions and cultures. This group was established in 2003 in order to integrate art education,cultivate art talents, promote school's competitiveness and combine resources from cross-professions with a purpose to polish the quality of teaching, research and service. The group consists of four departments: Art, Music,Dance and Popular Music, progressing toward an intellectual and creative art college.

Current Development
1.Committing to art education of capability and excellence and managing
the resources in thegroup efficiently.
2.Combining artistic sensibilities and fields, musical creativity and
exhibition, dance creation and performance so that the common targets
can be set and reached.
3.Setting up objective standards of research, teaching, service and
4.Providing good environments for working and learning.
5.Improving academic corporation and communication with other
6.Reinforcing corporative relationships with industries.
7.Raising international reputation.
8.Balancing practical and theoretical courses.

Future Prospects
1.Short-term plan to develop art education and promote research and
exhibition level.
2.The curriculum direction in the near three years:
(1) Integrated courses among departments in the group
(2) Applied cohort courses (especially in artistic expression)
(3) Substitute courses for old ones
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